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Armadillo Control


Widely known for their unique appearance and hole-digging habits, armadillos populate much of South America and are prominent as far north as the Southeastern United States. The only species known to inhabit the U.S., the nine-banded armadillo eats fire ants and termites among other potentially harmful insects, such as grubs and spiders. Problems arise when the armored animals wander onto land owned by people as they dig holes to search for food and create shelter, which can be costly to repair.

Armadillo's can be up to 12 pounds and up to 15 inches long. They also have a flexible bone structure, which also acts a armor. Armadillos are very easily identifable. 
Armadillo's can cause damage to structure, yard and gardens by the need to dig holes. Armadillo's also can cause damage by being to close to structure and causing the animals shell to scratch surfaces.
Trapping and Removal
Trapping a armadillo can be very tricky and it is best to call a professional to properly remove the animal from the property to ensure safe and that the animal doesnt return to the property.

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