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Pigeons will eat any available food source, from grains and seeds to human waste and handouts. Feeding the pigeons actually raises pigeon populations to larger than sustainable numbers. Common in both cities and suburb communities, pigeons roost on window ledges, rooftops, and bridges, which are perfect substitutes for the natural cliff ledges the birds typically use as nesting sites and shelter

Pigeons can range from 11-13 ounces and can be up to 11 inches long. Pigeons are known for their large gray bodys with Blue-Green heads and black strips on wings and tails.
Pigeons can cause damage just by their droppings. Their droppings contain diseases which harm the human body. Pigeon droppings can also kill vegetation. Pigeons also carry parasites such as fleas, ticks and mites. 
Trapping and Removal
Pigeons are accustomed to human interaction so scaring them sometimes does not effectivly remove the issue. Trapper John can help with Pigeon control along with many other pest issues. 

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