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Raccoon Removal


Raccoons are nocturnal mammals common in North America, especially in the wooded  regions of the United States. Besides the native northern raccoon, there are about six other existing species, most of which live on tropical islands. These smart creatures have nimble hands and are intelligent problem solvers capable of opening latches, turning doorknobs, climbing, swimming, and running at fast speeds.

Raccoons are nocturnal animals meaning they only come out during the night time. They are a common pest issue throughout the United States. Raccoons are small animals covered in gray fur with distinctive black markings throughout the body. 
Raccoons are one of the most destructive pests. Raccoons are not only destructive but can be harmful to yourself and pets. Raccoons carry diseases such as rabies. Raccoons also can chew on electrical wiring, damage roof tiles and ruin your garden or farm. 
Trapping and removal
Due to the nature of raccoons and how vicious they can be only certified wilfelife specialists and pest control specialists. Trapper John knows just what to do when it comes to Raccoon removal. Give us a call to find out your solution 1-800-741-2201.

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