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David C.     ★★★★★
"Trapper John Animal Control is the real deal. We had a very unpleasant experience when we first moved in to our home a few years ago with rodents. The issue was systematically, quickly and professionally resolved. We have had a few suspicions since then about new activity and each time, they have come back immediately to inspect our home. In one case they reinforced one seal and another time they made thoughtful recommendations about how to better close off more complex breaches on the exterior of our house. Mike, the specialist who has come to our home each time, is particularly friendly and a real professional. They stand behind their work with a real guarantee. That's not easy to find in South Florida. I recommend Mike and Trapper John without hesitation. There is no one else you should be calling."
Menzel K.     ★★★★★
"Rodents were eating Bananas in my Quick Stop. We tried traps, but that didn't work. We called Trapper John and they took care of it in no time. Very reliable, and the price was fair."
Kistner A.  ★★★★★
"Not On Our Bucket List! A Raccoon decided to move into our attic. She was trapped, and we had our attic cleaned up. They let us make payments, as this was very unexpected. Thanks Trapper John!"
Buettner L.      ★★★★★
"Raccoon Pooping in our pool, and nesting in our attic. Animals can cost you money, and we got 2 estimates. Trapper John is the one we chose for 2 reasons, Price and Trust. We received excellent service."
Mike S.       ★★★★★
"I would highly recommend this company to anyone who has a critter problem. They get the problem taken care of in a professional and knowledgeable way that makes the whole unpleasant issue easier to deal with during the process of trapping and sealing up or as they call it Critter proofing. Definitely an A + company"
Frank M.     ★★★★★
"I recommend Trapper John Rodent Specialist to anyone. Quality work and professional."
Jason A.     ★★★★★
"It's been over two months since Trapper John's original visit. I'm so happy my attic is now animal proof and I can rest assured that Trapper John guarantees the work. Thanks Guys!"
Eilers H. ★★★★★
"A Snake I thought was the hose when i hopped over it, then it moved. OMG! The technician that came out was very professional. He knew a lot about snakes, and took care of the problem. Great Service"
Arias H.
"Rodents were in our attic chewing on wires, our lights were flashing on and off. Trapper John came right out and trapped them out. When our electrician fixes the wiring, we will then have the technician come back out for attic clean up."